Falling Skies Not Falling From Favor.

OMAHA, NE – Falling Skies Not Falling From Favor.   The show, starring Noah Wylie, remains one of cables’ highest rated shows on cable.  According to the Nielsen ratings for 2013, Falling Skies is one of the top 5 shows on cable in 2013.  In July 2013, TNT announced the show was renewed for a fourth season, set to premiere in the summer of 2014. The ratings should be of no surprise, Falling Skies 2 hour pilot was watched by 5.9 million viewers, making it the highest rated debut of any new series on cable in 2011.  The series was a hit for critics, Thomas Connor of the Chicago Sun-Times said, “It’s Jericho meet V, with the good from both and the bad discarded.” The show also won a Critic’s Choice Television Award for Most Exciting New Series in 2011.

The show was conceived by Robert Rodat and Steven Spielberg. The show was originally named Concord after a significant event in American history, but Spielberg changed the name to Falling Skies later in development. The show denotes events after an alien invasion that devastates the world’s power grid and kills off 90% of the human population. See more at FallingSkies.com

Falling Skies Interview Comic Con 2013.

Falling Skies Panel at Comic Con 2013.