True Blood: Soon to be a True Classic?

OMAHA, NE – True Blood has been scaring up a nice chunk of America since its first episode on HBO in 2007. The Vampire Drama is loosely based on a series of books written by Charlaine Harris and produced by Alan Ball for HBO.  Earlier this month, HBO announced the upcoming 7th Season of True Blood will be its last.

During the course of True Blood’s run  it picked up numerous reviews and several awards. The show also explores several contemporary social issues, including discrimination and violence against minorities, including women and gays,  power of religion, the influence of the media, the importance of family and the search for an identity.

True Blood has built up a number of memorable characters and scenes over the course of its run.  This article has numerous wonderful scenes you should be sure and check out. My favorite is the Hoyt being glamored scene. And you know any scene with Rob Kazinksy is going to be a hot one!!!

While no one knows for sure what will happen in True Blood’s Seventh and final season, members of the cast dish out some possibilities in several interviews posted across the internet.  Here’s another article with some possible spoilers.

True Blood at Comic Con 2013


WareHouse 13 Not Keeping Itself Boxed Up!

OMAHA, NE – WareHouse 13 not keeping itself boxed up, despite impending cancellation.  Warehouse 13, on SyFy, stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly as two US Secret Service agents assigned to a secret Warehouse for dangerous and powerful artifacts. The show premiered on July 7th 2009, the same date of SyFy’s rebranding from SciFi to SyFy. Warehouse 13 has featured numerous artifacts both historical or mythological. Each artifact holds some special power, usually something tied to an event or person from history, notable artifacts include, Edgar Allen Poe’s pen and Marilyn Monroe’s brush. Here is a link featuring a list of artifacts and gadgets appearing in Warehouse 13.   Warehouse 13 is also known for some quirky humor, not just its vast and varied collection of artifacts.  And don’t forget to check out the gag reels!

In March 2013, SyFy announced that Warehouse 13 would end after the Fifth season. the final season will be just six episodes long. The final episodes are expected to show on SyFy in early 2014. Showrunner Jack Kenny told Airlock Alpha, “I’m just glad they gave us a nice exit.” It is unfortunate to see WareHouse 13 go as it still brings decent ratings to the SyFy.

Eddie McClintock reacts to cancellation

Warehouse 13 Season 3 Gag Reel.

Warehouse 13 Season 4 Gag Reel

Falling Skies Not Falling From Favor.

OMAHA, NE – Falling Skies Not Falling From Favor.   The show, starring Noah Wylie, remains one of cables’ highest rated shows on cable.  According to the Nielsen ratings for 2013, Falling Skies is one of the top 5 shows on cable in 2013.  In July 2013, TNT announced the show was renewed for a fourth season, set to premiere in the summer of 2014. The ratings should be of no surprise, Falling Skies 2 hour pilot was watched by 5.9 million viewers, making it the highest rated debut of any new series on cable in 2011.  The series was a hit for critics, Thomas Connor of the Chicago Sun-Times said, “It’s Jericho meet V, with the good from both and the bad discarded.” The show also won a Critic’s Choice Television Award for Most Exciting New Series in 2011.

The show was conceived by Robert Rodat and Steven Spielberg. The show was originally named Concord after a significant event in American history, but Spielberg changed the name to Falling Skies later in development. The show denotes events after an alien invasion that devastates the world’s power grid and kills off 90% of the human population. See more at

Falling Skies Interview Comic Con 2013.

Falling Skies Panel at Comic Con 2013.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Still Chosen.

OMAHA, NE – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Still Chosen after all these years! Buffy, created by Joss Whedon, had some of the best stories, fight scenes and acting during its run on UPN and The WB. Buffy had some of the best villains ever created! As a Buffy fan, you enjoyed the BIG BAD for an entire season, BIG BADS like Spike and Drusilla, Glory, The Mayor and The First.  Buffy also scored with great writing, some really memorable episodes and characters as well. Who can forget the timid and nerdy Willow growing into a powerful witch, and even one season’s BIG BAD!  Or Xander and his loyal friendship to the Scoobies?  During the course of the Buffy TV series, the show was cited as one of the best TV show of all time repeatedly, including eventually being named on  TV Guide’s Top Cult Show Ever. The show never won any nomination which angered fans and media critics year after year, after the show went off the air, the TV academy aimed to make things up to its cast and crew by staging a tribute event at its headquarters in North Hollywood, but Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, didn’t show up.   I don’t blame her.  Buffy will always be tops in my mind, and millions of fans, too!

Buffy’s House was the location of many great scenes in the series, including falling in love with Angel, to building a base to fight The First.

Below, the unaired original Buffy pilot. Many fans don’t like it. I find it kind of endearing.  😀

Some Buffy funnies:

A Buffy Reunion at PaleyFest 2008

Buffy is still popular in the Convention Circuit, too!