Star Trek Still Bold on the Convention Circuit!

OMAHA, NE – Star Trek is still Boldly Going on the Convention Circuit as the cast from the previous TV series’ are still popular attractions at the nation’s biggest science fiction conventions.  While much Star Trek buzz is kept up with the Star Trek reboot in the form of two blockbuster movies, many Star Trek fans get a taste of their favorite TV show and the actors who played their favorite character at convention.  William Shatner still attends the conventions, he attended one this past weekend at SeaTac.

Blast From the Past: Star Trek TNG and Star Trek DS9 casts in a segment in 1994 on Larry King Weekend.

Star Trek fandom has brought many interesting things into the world, including Vulcan, the Star Trek Capital of Canada.  The town was dying and found a way to revive itself by attaching itself to the show with a character from a planet named Vulcan.  There is also Riverside, Iowa, selling itself as the future birthplace of Captain James T Kirk.   Not only do things in Star Trek make their mark, the actors have become icons and occasionally stand up to speak out on political issues of the day, for example, George Takei on the upcoming Sochi Olympics.

New classic references to Star Trek on Big bang Theory!

Men of Star Trek TNG Comic Con Austin 2012. Very interesting.


How SuperNatural Stays SuperHot!!!

OMAHA, NE – Supernatural has become one of the hottest TV shows ever created in the mega-genre of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.  And I’m not even referring to the hotness that is the show two stars, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Supernatural was created to tackle some of America’s urban legends and has grown to be a powerhouse of a show in its own right, with some very rich storytelling of its own.  That growth continued through Season 8 which also opened some new doors for storytelling in Season 9. The following paragraphs and videos contain some spoilers from Season 8  and some spoilers of what is to come in Season 9.

Interview with Jensen Ackles Season 9 Spoilers

Supernatural is still generating excitement as fans eagerly await for the show’s Season 9 premiere on Tuesday, October 9th, 2013.  An Enstarz article hints (spoilers) at some more story about the mysterious Men of Letters organization.  Its interesting to note how the show has kept up its signature habit of hiring fresh faced men to play various members of the Winchester family, with the latest addition of Gil McKinney as Henry Winchester, Sam and Dean Winchester‘s grandfather, from Season 8.

Interview with Jared Padalecki Season 9 Spoilers

Supernatural buzz was highlighted throughout this year’s Comic Con Convention season. Some anticipation for the new season created when it was hinted a major rift between the brothers Winchester will emerge in the new Season 9 premiere. *I’m crossing my fingers that Dean’s gay.  😉 *

The Brothers Winchester at Supernatural Breakfast Panel

Supernatural Cast Learning about “Destiel” at SDCC 2013.

Everyone Wants a Piece of that Star Wars BUTT!

OMAHA, NE – After the news of more Star Wars movies in the near future, it seems everyone wants a piece of that hot Star Wars butt with several potential productions being discussed behind closed doors. Star Wars Butt, as in Star Wars being the hottest item in the market right now.  Fans want it, studios want it, game makers want it.  The list seems endless since the announcement of a new movie sometime in 2015.

While many Star Wars fans were expecting some of that Star Wars butt in the form of some news about Star Wars VII at Disney’s D23. They were disappointed when Disney released ABSOLUTELY no new information.  A little early, I’d say, to take Star Wars fans for a ride, Disney.  At another Star Wars event, fans hope that Star Wars butt comes in the form of a Star Wars VII that resembles the fun of the original characters and trilogy.

The hunt for a piece of that Star Wars butt takes place in other forms as well.  ABC is reportedly in talks with Lucasfilm for a TV series based on the Star Wars universe. The idea of a Star Wars TV show is nothing new, rumors and discussion have circulated since at least 2003. Currently, the largest barrier to a series is the cost, and figuring out how production of a Star Wars TV series can keep its costs low.

Then there is the hunt for that ever elusive kind of Star Wars butt that everyone tries to find.    Star Wars Speed Dating.

Babylon 5 Broke The Mold.

OMAHA, NE – As Babylon 5 celebrates its 20th anniversary, lets discuss how this ambitious little show that did, broke the mold. Babylon 5 was a dream given form by its talented maker, J Michael Straczynski, also known as JMS.  Babylon 5 was a break through in television sci-fi.  Touted as a novel for television, Babylon 5 had a beginning, middle and end, with a set time of 5 seasons to tell its story.  Babylon also brought a new type of special effects to the small screen, computer graphics.  Most television shows, most notably, Star Trek, at the time used models for there ships. Babylon 5 used computer graphics to render the Babylon 5 station and the ships views saw on the screen.  Babylon 5 was already light years ahead of its time, even for some movies. Story wise, Babylon 5 was rich in character, intrigue, action and grit.  A common saying among Babylon 5 fans was more happened in one episode of Babylon 5 than one season of Star Trek.  I think Babylon 5 still has more story to tell us, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will get more.  (Maybe a production for Netflix?)

Below, the first 4 minutes of Babylon 5 to ever air, 20 years ago, Feb 1993.

Babylon 5 celebrated its 20th Anniversary, and it sure showed as the cast reunited for the 20th Anniversary to at several conventions in 2013, including San Diego Comic Con and Phoenix Comic Con.  JMS revealed a secret about one of Babylon 5’s stars at the Phoenix Comic-Con. Read the article here.  The article contains some wonderful video of the Babylon 5 cast together, reunited.  It is awesome seeing this cast come together, makes me even more hopeful that some new material will come from this Universe once again.

And lets not forget some sex and humor, Babylon 5 style.

Remember what Delenn looked like in the very beginning, in the Pilot?