Everyone Wants a Piece of that Star Wars BUTT!

OMAHA, NE – After the news of more Star Wars movies in the near future, it seems everyone wants a piece of that hot Star Wars butt with several potential productions being discussed behind closed doors. Star Wars Butt, as in Star Wars being the hottest item in the market right now.  Fans want it, studios want it, game makers want it.  The list seems endless since the announcement of a new movie sometime in 2015.

While many Star Wars fans were expecting some of that Star Wars butt in the form of some news about Star Wars VII at Disney’s D23. They were disappointed when Disney released ABSOLUTELY no new information.  A little early, I’d say, to take Star Wars fans for a ride, Disney.  At another Star Wars event, fans hope that Star Wars butt comes in the form of a Star Wars VII that resembles the fun of the original characters and trilogy.

The hunt for a piece of that Star Wars butt takes place in other forms as well.  ABC is reportedly in talks with Lucasfilm for a TV series based on the Star Wars universe. The idea of a Star Wars TV show is nothing new, rumors and discussion have circulated since at least 2003. Currently, the largest barrier to a series is the cost, and figuring out how production of a Star Wars TV series can keep its costs low.

Then there is the hunt for that ever elusive kind of Star Wars butt that everyone tries to find.    Star Wars Speed Dating.